Friday, October 17, 2014

Review: Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Annual Exhibition 2014

Earlier this week I visited the 2014 Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of  Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers at the Mall Galleries in London.  

The exhibition continues until Sunday 26th October 2014 in the North Gallery of the Mall Galleries. Admission is free.  There are also free daily demonstrations by members in the Gallery - see my listing for the remaining days below

A comprehensive catalogue for the exhibition which comes with a signed endorsement from the Prince of Wales who is a Patron of this Royal ArtSociety!

Annual Exhibition 2014 in the North Gallery

Magnifying glasses are available in the exhibition to view the art
As usual the standard of the exhibition is high with many excellent examples of miniature art as well as some stunning innovations. It's also good to see awards going to new exhibitors who are not members.

The standard of display is also excellent with special stands lined with black velvet onto which the paintings are pinned. Plus lots of magnifying glasses are available. These are essential equipment if you ever want to sell miniature art.

As usual this is an art society which understands well the needs of its collectors. It provides a special private view for those art collectors who have purchased work at previous exhibitions and this had been held earlier in the day. Several works already sported red spots - and more were purchased while I reviewed the exhibition.

Awards and Commendations

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists - Review (Part 1)

These are some views of the 2014 Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

I visited two exhibitions at the Mall Galleries yesterday. The RSMA was having its Private View which, oddly enough, I never find an ideal time to view an exhibition - because of all the people!

RSMA 69th Annual Exhibition 2014 - Private View at the Mall Galleries this afternoon
So I had a general look round at what looks to me like a very well presented exhibition of excellent paintings - but I didn't have time to have a really detailed look at paintings.

I will be going back for an end of exhibition and  "who did well (prizes/sales)?" review (Part 2) towards the middle/end of next week after a short trip I need to make which takes me out of London.

The subject matter of the paintings is defined as follows
The subject matter must be essentially marine in nature, relating in some way to tidal waters of the world; topographical, historical, still life, and figure painting are all welcomed. Most media are acceptable, including oils, watercolour, acrylics, pastels, drawings, prints and sculpture.

Anyway - here's the exhibition as per the panoramic feature on my new iPhone. I discovered yesterday that this takes better pics in artificial light than my camera!

You can see these bigger if you right click and open in a new tab.

Demonstrations and workshops

These are the artists doing demonstrations during the course of the exhibition plus a tour of the exhibition
  • Friday 17th Oct, afternoon - Fred Beckett (oil) and Ben Mowll (watercolour) working in the gallery (free with admission)
  • Saturday 18th Oct - President's Tour, 11.00am (free with admission).
  • Sunday 19th Oct, afternoon - John Lines (oil) working in the gallery (free with admission).
  • Tuesday 21st Oct, morning - Lorraine Abraham (drawing) and Alan Runagall (watercolour) working in the gallery (free with admission).
  • Thursday 23rd Oct, afternoon - Keith Noble (watercolour) working in the gallery (free with admission).
  • Friday 24th, afternoon - Colin Allbrook (watercolour) working in the gallery (free with admission).

You can find out about the workshops on this page of the RSMA website

Thinking of exhibiting next year?

Registration & Digital Submission (for pre-selection) to the 2015 RSMA Open Exhibition: Please note that from 2015 ALL work must be submitted on-line in the first instance. On-line submission dates below.
  • On-line Submission opens: 6th April 2015, 12 noon.
  • On-line submission closes: 10th July, 12 noon.
  • Log-in for results: 17th July, from 12 noon

Previous 'Making A Mark' Reviews of the annual exhibition of the RSMA

Monday, October 13, 2014

More videos by the creator of 500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

Lady with an Ermine
Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani
by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art was uploaded to YouTube in April 2007.

You've probably seen it before.

However I'm guessing you're like me and think this is one of those wonderful compilations - which you never bore of taking one more look at.

Which possibly explains how come it has now achieved over 14 million views on YouTube.

However this post includes another couple of interesting things about this video and its compiler Philip Scott Johnson

How did you do with guessing the portraits?

This is the sort of video which prompts you to try and see how many portraits - or at least artists you can get while watching it.

So you may have seen the video - but have you seen the list of works complete with titles of portrait and names of artists?

If not I suggest you watch again (see below) - and then click this link to the listing produced by Boni of the Original Art used in 500 Years of Women in Western Art. According to her website Boni is an instructor at the Soldier Development Center on Fort Bragg.

Has Philip Scott Johnson produced any other videos?

I bet you wondered - I know I did!

So I went looking for more Philip Scott Johnson videos - and found some.  It also appears that he works in Reinsurance and lives in St Louis, Missouri.

Nicole Caulfield shares an ebook about portraits in coloured pencils

Nicole Caulfield's ebook - Dramatic Portraits in colored pencil
My long time coloured pencils buddy Nicole Caulfield has been working on a book about portraits for some time.

However since she started the book she has moved with her family from the east coast to the west coast of the USA, bought a new house, started a new full time job as an elementary teacher and runs an art stall at the Portland Saturday Market in Old Town, Portland, Oregon every weekend during Spring and Summer. Phew!

Nicole is now making "Dramatic Portraits in colored pencil" available for FREE - as a downloadable ebook.  This is the link to where you can find it on her website - just click Free Ebook!
I wrote a book a while back..... on how I do portraits with colored pencil on sanded paper. I was going to try and sell the book to a publisher... then I decided to make it into an ebook and try to sell it... but now my circumstances have changed and that won't be happening. I would have to redo the examples because the images are not good enough quality since I processed them through Microsoft Word (duh) and I just don't have the time with my new job. So long story short I am giving it away for free for anyone who would like to read it. This was about a year of my life, lol, so it kills me that it has been sitting on my hard drive waiting for a virus to lose it! The link is on my website.
Her book is not finished (it includes images but lacks words at the end and is unedited) but it does have a HUGE amount of good content - much of which is applicable to anybody doing portraits.  In fact I'd go as far as saying there's much more content then you typically find in any number of books which have been dumbed down for the strictly hobby market.  Hardly surprising as Nicole is an artist who has been winning prizes and selling her art for years.

For those of us who have admired Nicole's coloured pencil artwork for years, you can find out exactly HOW she does it!

Nicole has been very generous in the past on art forums and her own blog in sharing her approach to working with coloured pencils on abrasive surfaces and providing a step by step insight into how she develops her work. However, unless you've taken a workshop with her, this is the first time she's given us a clear description of exactly how she develops her artwork in general and portraits in particular. There is also a lot of excellent instruction about techniques for using coloured pencils - especially for those who like working on or want to try an abrasive surface such as the one she favours - Fisher 400.

You can find the Table of Contents below.
Other Supplies
Photography Supplies Lighting
Photography Tips
Making a Line Drawing Proportions
Shape Vs. Form
Phase 1 The Tinted Underpainting
Phase 2 The Glaze Phase
Exercise A Portrait from Start to Finish
3-D Guide
The Shape of the Eye
Isolating Values
Eyes from Different Angles Eye Colors
Special Considerations
Exercise- Eyes

Thursday, October 09, 2014

A new gmail phishing scam

I was targeted today by a new gmail update phishing scam - or at least it's new to me.
  • I'm going to reproduce the email I was sent below 
  • PLUS the links to the Google pages which can help you understand the scam and report it to Google

This is the email (in blue). I've highlighted the email header in full (and deleted my gmail address!).

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