Thursday, August 28, 2014

My frames have arrived - I'm waxing tonight!

Sitting on my floor, in masses of bubble wrap and cling film, are seven bespoke tulip wood frames and mounts for the drawing for my upcoming exhibition. Yesterday they left Picture Frames of Shaftesbury and this morning they arrived, via ParcelForce, at my home at 11.30am.  Thanks to both companies for getting the delivery to me quickly!

Which means I'll be having a quiet wax this evening as the wood is unfinished and I like to wax my own frames. I was going to put a wash on them but I really like the tulip wood colour so I think I'll leave them "as is"

Two of the seven tulip wood bespoke frames with hayseed mounts by

I went for the tulip wood because it was the most neutral colour and also because that then makes it most receptive to a thin paint finish if that's what I decided to go for. I'm quite partial to a thin paint being rubbed into wood to provide a hint of colour. I'm also very partial to very neutral tones of paint with names like "bone" and "corset"!

I chose to use the Hayseed mount which again is a very neutral colour - neither stark white nor cream, more along the lines of an understated ivory with laid finish (like Ingres paper).

Renaissance wax tubI'll be writing more about the frames once they're unpacked, the images have been inserted and the D rings attached!

You can find out more about the wax I'll be using on the wood frames this evening on Making A Mark Reviews - see Product Review - Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish.
Summary: A refined wax polish designed and formulated by the British Museum for the long term conservation and protection of museum exhibits. This product is now a universally respected standard conservation material because of its high quality and wide scope for use.

Other posts about frames and framing

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Angie Lewin and the making of 'Nature Table' (video)

Angie Lewin's website
As many people know I'm besotted with the portrayal of trees, plants and flowers in art - and I'm also eclectic in my tastes as to the way in which they are portrayed.

One artist whose drawings and paintings of plants has been catching my eye on a very regular basis in the past few years is Angie Lewin

Her delightful graphic artwork and designs are probably familiar to many given that her designs for greetings cards can be found in many retailers across the UK
Inspired by both the cliff tops and salt marshes of the North Norfolk coast and the Scottish Highlands, I depict these contrasting environments and their native flora in wood engraving, linocut, silkscreen, lithograph and collage. These landscapes are often glimpsed through intricately detailed plant forms.
Angie Lewin - about my work
She's an elected member of:
To me she's a really excellent example of an artist who has managed to combine her fine art painting and printmaking with commission work for clients and a commercial process for monetising her art - via printmaking for wallpaper, fabrics, cushion covers, greeting cards, notecards and notebooks.

Angie Lewin is also a hard worker as is evident from her website links to her prodigious output in terms of:

Fine Art

Commercial applications

Below is a video by St Jude's Prints (founded by Simon and Angie Lewin in 2005) of the process Angie Lewin uses to:
  • collect objects for her artwork - with tough boots, a backpack and a very big sketchbook being important parts of her toolkit when working plein air
  • create arrangements in her "to die for" studio (want, want want!)
  • the process of cutting and creating a lino print

Current and upcoming exhibitions 

  • Until 31st August 2014 - Towner - Eastbourne - as part of 'Designing The Everyday' Find out more
  • Until 31st August 2014 - Scampston Hall - Yorkshire - with Mark Hearld and Emily Sutton
  • October 2014 - Cambridge Contemporary Arts - Cambridge
  • May 2015 - The Scottish Gallery - Edinburgh - a solo exhibition of my watercolours
  • Summer 2015 - Sarah Wiseman Gallery - Oxford
You can also see her prints at the following galleries

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

POLL: Photography in Art Galleries and Museums

There's been a lot of discussion about the photography of art in art galleries of late. However today you've got an opportunity to express your views.

Tourists photographing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, in Paris
This is a POLL to identify what people think about photography in art galleries.
  • You can vote up to three times to express your views (but be sure to choose all three options at the same time as you can only press the vote button once)
  • the poll closes at midday in a week's time
  • please also leave a comment about what you think
I'm also going to write a longer piece about this at some stage as the issue is quite complex. Your views will inform that post.

[NOTE: Some people have commented that they are unable to click the Vote button - although it's obviously working for other people as votes are accumulating. This may be because they voted once - and pressed the button - and can't vote again for their other two choices because of the IP and cookie block on repeat voting]

Monday, August 25, 2014

'Making A Mark' passes 6 million pageviews - and resource move begins

On Saturday, Making A Mark notched up 6 million pageviews, since Blogger started counting in 2008.

What's even more amazing to me is that the last million pageviews have been achieved in just over seven months.

six million pageviews - spotted in the middle of Saturday afternoon
the redline marks the Blogger statistics
I little realised with I started this blog at the end of 2005, prior to going public in January 2006, that it would generate quite so much traffic!

My art and artists resources websites are on the move

Saturday was special in another way. At 1pm the editing function on Squidoo was switched off for the last time as the site begins to close down and those sites which have not been deleted begin their transfer to HubPages.

This is the URL of my account and subdomain if you want ONE bookmark for access to all my art sites in future.

I now have to wait for my sites to start moving over - and this move may well start at some point this week as my account should be part of the early transfers.  However that assumes they iron out all the niggles and bugs associated with the transfer quickly.  It may well be that they won't start transferring until next week.

A redirect will be put in place so if you have of them bookmarked then you'll find you are automatically taken to the new site - on my Hub Pages subdomain (see above for the URL).  I'm not too clear how long this redirect works for so probably best to change the bookmark on your first visit.

This week

This week I am focusing on getting three drawings finished for Florum - a botanical art exhibition by leading botanical artists in Kent next month.

For that reason I'm going to be posting quickie posts this week which will feature collections of some of the resource websites which are moving.

Mainly because I think many of the new readers won't be aware of them! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How pencils are made

This is a very informative video about how pencils are made today made by Derwent Pencils. It tells the story of how pencils came to be made in the Lake District - in Cumbria - where Derwent (also known as the Cumberland Pencil Company) and the Cumberberland Pencil Museum are located.

This is a link to the history of pencil making in Cumbria on the museum website.

Note the reference to "Lakeland". My very first set of coloured pencils were Lakeland Pencils by the Cumberland Pencil Company - and I've still got them!

You can follow Derwent and the Pencil Museum on Facebook where they often have good information about pencils

  • Derwent Pencils -
  • The Pencil Museum

[PS For those wondering what's happened to Making A Mark - I'm sorting out 150+ websites prior to a major transfer to a new site and the edit button on the dashboard is turned off by the host at 1pm this afternoon.  Just a bit busy right now!]

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